Exklusiv für Alle - Ein Projekt des Theater Basel

Musikalische Leitung zusammen mit Joel Fonsegrive und Victor Moser

«EXCLUSIVE FOR EVERYONE» Theater Basel will meet a large number of members of different groupings within Basel over a period of nine months. Few of these will be old acquaintances. We will be deliberately focussing on new and unfamiliar faces. In a series of workshops members of Theater Basel will present signing, stage fighting, electronics, storytelling, stage design, dance, costumes, make-up, language and many other aspects of theatre which will be challenged, examined, redefined and combined over the further course of the project  before ultimately being put back together into a whole. The entire process is intended to reflect the diversity of our society – which is why the project is aimed literally at everyone living in the city of Basel and its neighbouring countryside, irrespective of their theatrical experience, nationality, level of education, religion, previous experience and age.   

The artistic director for the project is the renowned Basel director Tom Ryser. The results will be presented in a public performance towards the end of the season.  


Tom Ryser



Club Für MelodienFabian Chiquet / Victor Moser / Joël Fonsegrive 



Anja Schödl / Lucia Chen